Thesan partners with Praemium to offer Direct US Stock Portfolio

Thesan has partnered with leading technology platform Praemium to launch a best-in-class portfolio of direct international shares. The solution is more effecient than an ETF and offers investors a concentrated portfolio of market leaders from each sector or market. Looking forward we are unlikely to see an environment where the rising tide (ultra-low interest rates) floats all boats. Smaller, less viable companies will most likely struggle to attract human and financial capital and therefore you want to own best in breed across each sector or market without the large over diversified tail.

Existing clients will automatically be setup with an international, best-in-class portfolio which will replace the current international allocation being obtained by using exchange traded funds. 

Leveraging Praemium’s technology and custody solution we’re delighted that Thesan can now offer our clients industry-leading reporting and transparency at an attractive cost, with the ability to directly invest in all three asset classes, see all their holdings and gain a total wealth position in the one place with accurate tax reporting.

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