Thesan Income Fund

Primary objective

The fund’s primary objective is to generate reliable cash income returns of 5% p.a (net of fees) for investors while ensuring the stability of the initial capital base over the medium term. Any appreciation of capital is a secondary objective.


The fund will invest in a diversified mix of fixed income and alternative securities as well as listed Australian equities. Fixed income and alternative securities will typically include Australian and US private debt securities.

Who is this for?

The fund is specifically designed for wholesale clients who demand a steady stream of income rather than capital growth. This fund aims to provide investors who require current income returns of 5% p.a. while minimising the probability of capital loss to the portfolio.

How will this be done?

Thesan Asset Management employs people with strong fixed income and equities expertise. It is therefore in a unique position to be able to offer an income fund that can utilise a multi-sector approach that will seek to exploit income-generating opportunities across a range of markets and sources.

Is this risky?

Risk is viewed in context with the fund’s income return targets. The fund manages credit risk through diversification across products, issuers, sectors, structures and markets. Such diversification allows investors to realise solid income returns, capital stability and reasonable liquidity.

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