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Thesan Asset Management is an Australian-based asset manager providing financial services to wholesale clients allowing them to achieve their long-term investment goals. We specialise in Australian and US listed equities, fixed income and alternative assets and provide services to both wholesale clients and financial advisors through our Managed Discretionary Accounts and Income Fund.

Our vision is to be a leader in providing investment strategies tailored to our clients’ needs, whether that be growth, income or somewhere in-between. To achieve your performance goals, we combine our years of financial markets experience with the latest research and technology to design, develop and monitor multi-asset portfolios that seek to capitalise on emerging Australian and global trends. Through our excellent communication and our use of specialised financial reporting software, we aim to deliver an exceptional investor experience.

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Our key services

Separately Managed Accounts

For Financial Advisers and their clients, access to our portfolio management expertise is available through Separately Managed Accounts.  SMAs are a financial product offered on a platform by a responsible entity.  A Financial Adviser can review the SMAs offered by the responsible entity and guide their clients to invest in the particular SMA portfolio that best aligns with the clients' investment objectives.  Thesan's role is to act as a sub-adviser to the responsible entity by defining an investment objective and designing and managing a model portfolio to achieive that objective.  Model portfolios may be constructed in consultation with financial advisers and involve a considered construction process that involves strategic and tactical asset allocation, specific security selection and ongoing portfolio monitoring and adjustment. 

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Individually Managed Accounts

Our Individual Managed Account service provides wholesale clients with the most customised portfolio management service possible.  Our clients provide us with a mandate of their investment objectives and enter into a contract with Thesan to act as their personal portfolio manager.  We design a client-specific portfolio and then perform transactional and management functions to achieve the client's stated objectives.  Many clients are attracted to the IMA service because all portfolio assets (including securities and cash) are owned by the client and held in the name of the client for the exclusive benefit of the client.  Others are attracted by the personalised service, open lines of communication and complete transparency in reporting.

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Thesan Income Fund

We offer wholesale clients access to a managed income fund that seeks stability of capital and a return of at least 5% p.a. (net of fees) to investors.  The fund is unlevered and is currently invested in domestic securities only.  The fund is mostly comprised of fixed income and alternative assets, but may be expanded to also include listed Australian equities.  The fund seeks to pay all income derived to investors on a quarterly basis and liquidity is provided periodically.

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